How to create a website for a vacant lot or land property.

After you've added the property in your CRIBFLYER admin panel go to the Price, Features, Status screen and follow the instructions below.

  1. Set the Beds & Baths display option to Don't display Beds/Baths.  (you'll need to click the Display Options link to reveal this field)
  2. Set the Property Type to Land.
  3. Set the Building Size / Living Space and Year Built fields to blank.
  4. Complete the Lot Size / Property Size field.
  5. Enter something descriptive in the Architectural Style field such as: Acres, Vacant Land or Vacant Lot.
  6. If applicable: Some rural properties don't have a specific street address. If this applies to your property go to the Address screen and enter the name of the nearest street or road as the Address and the nearest City and Zip. This way our Google Maps feature can hopefully find the relative area. Then enter something in the Display Address field that is more descriptive of the location. Then visit the Map Settings screen and adjust the zoom level and also drag the map pin marker to the best location. Then save your map settings.