Troubleshooting issues with photo uploads or drag/drop to reorder photos.

Try the fixes below if you're having trouble uploading photos or can't drag/drop to reorder your photos.

1. Make sure your photos are in a web compatible file format.

You can upload photos in any of the following web compatible formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP or AVIF.

Some customers have tried to upload photos taken on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) taken in the HEIC format which will NOT work because HEIC is not yet web compatible.

To change the default photo format on Apple devices navigate to Settings > Camera > Formats. Here, you can choose "Most Compatible", which will force the camera to capture images in JPEG format instead of HEIC. However, if your photos have already been taken in HEIC format you'll need to use 3rd party software such as Adobe Photoshop to convert them to JPG before uploading.

2. Disable browser extensions that restrict JavaScript

Some 3rd party web browser extensions such as Ad Blockers will prevent JavaScript code from running. JavaScript is needed to power interactive features on web pages such as drag/drop, file uploads, etc.

The instructions below explain how to disable 3rd party browser extensions in Chrome. The process is similar for other browsers such as Firefox.

Open Chrome Menu: Click on the three small vertical dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome window.

Navigate to Extensions: Go to Extensions > Manage Extensions (or More tools > Extensions on older versions of Chrome). Alternatively, you can simple paste: chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and hit Enter.

Identify 3rd Party Extensions: Extensions installed from the Chrome Web Store as well as extensions installed from other sources will be listed here. They will each have a box displaying their name, version number, and other details.

Toggle Off or Remove:

  • Toggle Off: To disable an extension without removing it, use the toggle switch on the extension card to turn it off. The toggle will change from blue to gray.
  • Remove: To completely remove the extension, click the Remove button on the extension card. Confirm the removal in the dialog box that appears.

Refresh Tabs or Restart Chrome: After making changes, you may need to refresh any open tabs or restart Chrome for the changes to take effect.