How to add or remove sections from your property or agent websites

This article uses a property website to demonstrate how to add or remove a section but the steps are the same for an agent site.

Sign-in to your CRIBFLYER admin panel and navigate to the desired site.

After you've selected the desired property or agent click the Edit Website Design button or the link in the right sidebar menu. Both take you to the Website Editor.

On the Website Editor screen click the Design & Layout button in the upper left corner to open the website sections menu.

The Website sections menu shows a list of sections that currently appear on your site. To remove a section click the light grey X that appears next to it.

To add a section to your site click the + Add Sections button at the top of the sections menu.

On the Add Sections menu, click the type of section you'd like to add. After choosing, the website editor's preview frame will reload and show the new section.