Give agents a link so they can edit a website themselves.

If you've ever used Google Docs to share a document then you'll be familiar with this feature.

With the Share Editing Privileges feature you can create an edit link that grants your client or agent editing privileges to a property website. They'll only have access to a limited set of editing features and won't be able to see or make changes to any of your other properties, agents, leads, or account info. Please note that anyone with the special edit link will be able make changes to the property website. However, you can revoke previously shared edit privileges at any time.

Select your desired property in your CRIBFLYER admin panel and go to the Share Edit Privileges screen. Then enter the email of the person you'd like to grant edit privileges to and follow the instructions.

Any edit links you previously created are shown at the bottom of the screen and you can revoke edit privileges for a link at any time.