How to disable or delete a property website and free up space for more under your subscription plan

If you have a monthly subscription plan for single property websites you have two options to free up room for additional sites under your plan.

Option 1:   Set the property to "Disabled / Archived" on the "View Settings" screen.

Option 2:   Delete the property website

This will permanently delete the property website along with all associated text data and photos. If you think you'll need the website or photos in the future then use option 1 above.

If you purchased a custom domain name for the property website from CRIBFLYER and it still has time left on the registration you'll have the option to reuse it for another website or transfer it to another domain registrar if desired.

To delete, go to the "Delete Property" screen for the property and follow the instructions as shown in the screenshot below.

Please note: If you disable or delete website(s) it does NOT automatically downgrade your subscription plan. This is because most of our customers immediatly reuse the quota/space on their current plan to add new website(s) for new listings. If you don't intend to add new websites to replace any that you disabled or deleted then you should go to the My Account > My Subscription Plan screen and downgrade to a less expensive plan if eligible based on your new usage.