SSL Options - How to make your CRIBFLYER websites secure

You have 3 options for SSL (secure sites running on https://).

The three SSL options described below can work together simultaneously on the same website(s). In other words you can host and view a site on its default url, custom domain and its account subdomain at the same time. However, you'll typically display only one URL on your marketing materials to avoid confusion as to where to view your website(s).

Option 1:   FREE SSL is available on your website's default URL.

All CRIBFLYER websites are viewable on a Default URL. You can choose between 3 domains all with built-in SSL for no extra charge. Configure your website(s) to load on one of these domains using the property address as a sub-domain or url path. See screenshot below.

Option 2a: Add an SSL certificate to domains purchased directly from CRIBFLYER.

When you buy domains directly from CRIBFLYER you can pay for and setup SSL certificates with just a couple clicks in your admin panel. This option costs $10 per custom domain per year and includes automatic setup. See screenshot below.

Option 2b: Setup SSL on a 3rd party domain pointed to a CRIBFLYER website

* This option is only applicable to domains that are mapped to a CRIBFLYER website but purchased through a 3rd party registrar (i.e. from GoDaddy or similar). If you bought your domain directly from CRIBFLYER use option 2a above.

To set up an SSL certificate on a 3rd party domain you'll need to change the domain's DNS Name Servers to point at our network (instead of the A record and CNAME record that our instructions normally ask you to set up).

The cost for SSL using this option is also $10 per custom domain per year.

For example. If you bought your domain name from GoDaddy. You would need to follow their instructions to "Enter my own nameservers". See screenshot below.

Option 3: Add SSL to a white label account subdomain.

The cost to setup SSL using this option is also $10 per custom domain per year. You'll need to contact support to request this option as it requires some back forth emails to setup.