How to show or hide documents on Full vs MLS compliant versions of your websites

You can display PDFs, images, links and other documents on your property websites by adding them on Documents & Links screen for a property in your CRIBFLYER admin panel.

If a document or link has anything NOT allowed on your MLS you can use the Display On setting to control which versions of your website (Full site vs MLS compliant site) the document or link displays on. You can show some documents that are allowed on the MLS version of your website and hide other documents that are not allowed.

You have fine grain control over whether a document shows or hides on each version or both versions of a website.

After adding some Documents or Links to a property, click the links in the Display On column to edit the setting for each document. Newly added documents will default to display on the full website only.

Choose a desired display setting for each document. Then use the Preview Website menu to view both versions of your website, Full Site vs MLS version and verify that documents show or hide as intended.

The MLS version of a property website's URL always has /mls appended. In the example shown above the Disclosure Statement is set to display on the MLS version only. When this version of the website is opened it only displays that single document.

Continuing with the example above. Two documents are set to display on the full website only and when this version of the website is opened it only shows those two documents (see screenshot below).