How to capture leads from visitors before they're allowed to view your single property website

With just a few clicks in your admin panel you can change the View Setting of a property website to require a visitor's name, email and phone before they're allowed to view it. The visitor's contact info is captured as a lead and immediately emailed to the assigned agent(s) and also sent in real-time via SMS text message.

Follow the steps below to configure a single property website for lead capture.

1) Sign-in to your CRIBFLYER admin panel and click Properties on the right-side navigation bar.

2) Select the desired property and then click View Settings.

3) On the View Settings screen select the Live with lead capture option.

4) Check the box to capture Name if desired or leave as just Email, Phone only.

5) Click the button to Save Changes.

6) Preview your website to verify the Lead Capture Form appears.

7) Double check that any agents assigned to the property have an email and mobile number saved on their contact info screen.

8) If you want leads texted the agent's mobile phone select this option on their contact info screen.

Incoming leads are also saved in the Leads section of your CRIBFLYER admin panel. From this screen you can view, add notes or download them to a CSV file.